Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Icons (from a past life)

I made these a few years ago, and they were already posted on desktop mods site 'michaels mac' (one of the founders of the old resexcellence site, incidentally...)
But I'm posting shots here, because i'm proud of em.. and they were a lot of work..
All 100 % mine-  not inspired or influenced in any way by any other sets out there.. i've seen what happened to others (like hein's icons) and  i guess you have to 'mark yer territory'.
I should point out that the clear ones are NOT mine, i just needed square icons as a template.. and the clear ones of 'musings from mars are just lovely, and well suited for the job...

More shots coming soon, and I'll make them available if there's any interest.....

Friday, December 27, 2013

Now I know why people hate Apple support..

Because they're arrogant, elitist pricks. I was concerned why I'm getting a prompt that is not, under any circumstances, supposed to appear, and the response was "I've seen it before, but your mac is compromuised with all that skinning junk".
Whaaat? I have ONE reliable theming app on it, and that's hardly "compromised" What , Apple thinks their shit don't stink and what they do is so perfect?
 Besuides, my question wasn't answered except for a simpleton. Fact is, a signed app store app should never ask you for your admin password when doing an update, and even if it did, it would use the standard Mac admin login prompt.. not some vanilla one that tells you nothing except "app store wants to install software", not even "the app store" but "app store" in broken english...
If you want to read the whole interaction, you're a brave soul....
here it is
Please leave your Apple rants below...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

so it's been a Looooooong while

I am SERIOUSLY hoping that this isn't the only blog you visit.. If you've gotten here via my other blogs , well OK..
This blog is simply a way to focus on the "real tech' issues..
watching THIS

made me think.. man it just SUX that back when NOBODY could afford those fancy peripherals that meant multimedia and video, ADC was a very expensive card, and any kind of performance was a case of being nickled and dimed to death..
the Rich Dickhead geek with the Beemer down the road would alluz call about his new Hi-Perf 1 GHz chip MoBo or worse, his 64 MB video card.. make U feel sik..
Channel 9 (PBS) would usually have shows like this, the "Computer Chronicles" showing gear you'd never have a prayer of getting ahold of, without stock in M$ (remember, Apple was NOT a player at the timer).

Friday, March 18, 2011

Some Edumacationing for y'all

Yup.. time to go to sKoOl....

Back in the Stone(D) age when apple were a fuzzy warm image .. when Macs that had that 'somethin'.. i don't know what it is the french say..

And apple was all Icon Garden and ticking wristwatch .. and you pretended to set up your mac classic in the kitchen for recipes, but really so you could watch the flying toasters..

Technical notes to developers were different than they are now.. and *certainly* different than the 'Serious' technotes that actually read like they were WRITTEN in objective 'C'to the 'other guys' in Damp & Grey Seattle..

This was the issue of the day.....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Little Orphan Anni BeOS ..e.& the big bad wolf.. (no not THOSE guys ;-)

No it's not a story about Micro$oft..
Rather.. this goes back.. way back to Bern.. switzerland.. on the day that they switched on the WWW..
Really,, there reallly was a day that they did exactly that. Just *switched* it on..
one computer had something like, and the other had something like and they happily snuggled up together..
..and more and more computers , as they got hungry, just had to go up and ask, and they got fed nice IP addresses.. no two meals were the same

Now picture this..
At the orphanage , for abandoned kids operating systems.. Little BeOS, Geoworks, and chubby little OS/2 ar standing in line for brekky.. but little OS/2 is still hungry (chubby, remember?).. so he goes back and asks..

'May i have some more?'
MORE! You hear that? he wants More!

response =0
translation.. NO!

er... why?
There IS no more!

That's right kiddys.. there is NO MORE..
no more what, exactly..?

No more internet addresses.. last one was just giiven out


so, back to Bern..
something MUST BE DONE!
and here it is...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Face book is creepy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll tell ya this.. when a computer is able to find out things that even my friends don't know about me...
I wuz adopted out very young.. half japanese and half german , to WW2 survivors (Dutch)... an AXIS baby!
However, like always happens, my name was changed .. of course, and the agency made up my heritage with some cock and bull story.. knowing my adoptive family was dutch.
I didn't find out my true heritage until 10 years ago, when doing a family search...
I don't Look Japanese... and i've never used my birth name of Tanawa (Tanouye)
Well, i recently signed up for a facebook page.. and guess what.. all the friend suggestions were two thirds Asian, and one third German....
I don't know any of them!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ooooh i Hate Linux!

Ok that's not quite true... it's the Window Managers.. there's NO consistency in defaults... or applications... ya have to learn Each and Every one's different way of doing things...

Really, i think the one I'm REALLY looking forwarf to installing is QNX..
I have Solaris also, waiting for my PC to be re-assembled.
and would love to be able to install the new Haiku distro... but it appears that the athlon i just got is somehow rigged to only boot WinXP...
"designed for winXP'
Hmmm... jeez.. I remember the good old days that software was written for hardware....
Must be gettin' ole... i don't get the whole thing of hardware being built for software..
I do remember when MS put the 'fear of god' into the haardware manufacturers by releasing the requirements for 'Longhorn'
When I read it in PCmag i thought it was a joke... really... i thought they were puttin us on!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Moving posts over...

Hey...i don't hate Apple...i really don't.. but sometimes, well...
OK, well, we all know people who think THEIR stuff don't stink, and ya can't tell them anything...
If ya been in Rock and Roll for any length of time ya seen many, many, many...
Well, Apple's kinda like that.. at least in my little experience :)
Can you think of any other OS where when you're copying several thousand music files over, that gives the message 'there was an error' and just STOPS copying... no 'skip this file' or similar.. leaving one to have to, BY HAND, pick through each and Every file! to see what was copied and what was not...
"But they got iTunes" i hear said ... well, it don't sound so good to me..for some reason it seems to take the edge off the sound of everything it plays, at least to me...
If your stuill using OS9, however, this sounds clear and crisp.. you might want to try yourself..
Yes, Virginia, im talkin about Winamp.. there really IS a Winamp that runs on a Mac!!!  Don't know anyone else who's ever seen one , however.... and it only runs on OS9 (sigh...)

Winamp for Mac.sit

MacOS Panther GUI stuff!!

This one is all gold and called 'midas touch'

This One's the only OSX port of yhe OS9 appearance theme 'Hitech"
I'm quite proud of it, actually

 Here are both...

Hi-Tech Theme (DLTA & Shapeshifter)
Midas Touch Theme (DLTA & Shapeshifter)
I've written several more I'll post soon...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This Is What i did Today...

I Really like Windows NT 3.51 ...ever since i lent a hand to a fellow online enthusiast who went by the handle "PC Freak" ..
Well, i did it right this time.. it looks and works right now and is ultra stable...

And has the 3d theme of nt4.. which normally only is available when using 'newshell' along with it's default "explorer" window manager...
Notice NO explorer?
Later y'all...

Monday, September 14, 2009

So why have this blog at all?

Well... I've been doing things that, for the most part, are pretty much impossible.
I currently have a 'C' drive of 4 gigs formatted as fat 16 that boots win 95a, win31, os2, and winnt351.
If ya know anything about tech at all, that should get yer radar up...
More to come!