Friday, March 18, 2011

Some Edumacationing for y'all

Yup.. time to go to sKoOl....

Back in the Stone(D) age when apple were a fuzzy warm image .. when Macs that had that 'somethin'.. i don't know what it is the french say..

And apple was all Icon Garden and ticking wristwatch .. and you pretended to set up your mac classic in the kitchen for recipes, but really so you could watch the flying toasters..

Technical notes to developers were different than they are now.. and *certainly* different than the 'Serious' technotes that actually read like they were WRITTEN in objective 'C'to the 'other guys' in Damp & Grey Seattle..

This was the issue of the day.....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Little Orphan Anni BeOS ..e.& the big bad wolf.. (no not THOSE guys ;-)

No it's not a story about Micro$oft..
Rather.. this goes back.. way back to Bern.. switzerland.. on the day that they switched on the WWW..
Really,, there reallly was a day that they did exactly that. Just *switched* it on..
one computer had something like, and the other had something like and they happily snuggled up together..
..and more and more computers , as they got hungry, just had to go up and ask, and they got fed nice IP addresses.. no two meals were the same

Now picture this..
At the orphanage , for abandoned kids operating systems.. Little BeOS, Geoworks, and chubby little OS/2 ar standing in line for brekky.. but little OS/2 is still hungry (chubby, remember?).. so he goes back and asks..

'May i have some more?'
MORE! You hear that? he wants More!

response =0
translation.. NO!

er... why?
There IS no more!

That's right kiddys.. there is NO MORE..
no more what, exactly..?

No more internet addresses.. last one was just giiven out


so, back to Bern..
something MUST BE DONE!
and here it is...