Friday, December 27, 2013

Now I know why people hate Apple support..

Because they're arrogant, elitist pricks. I was concerned why I'm getting a prompt that is not, under any circumstances, supposed to appear, and the response was "I've seen it before, but your mac is compromuised with all that skinning junk".
Whaaat? I have ONE reliable theming app on it, and that's hardly "compromised" What , Apple thinks their shit don't stink and what they do is so perfect?
 Besuides, my question wasn't answered except for a simpleton. Fact is, a signed app store app should never ask you for your admin password when doing an update, and even if it did, it would use the standard Mac admin login prompt.. not some vanilla one that tells you nothing except "app store wants to install software", not even "the app store" but "app store" in broken english...
If you want to read the whole interaction, you're a brave soul....
here it is
Please leave your Apple rants below...

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