Saturday, February 11, 2012

so it's been a Looooooong while

I am SERIOUSLY hoping that this isn't the only blog you visit.. If you've gotten here via my other blogs , well OK..
This blog is simply a way to focus on the "real tech' issues..
watching THIS

made me think.. man it just SUX that back when NOBODY could afford those fancy peripherals that meant multimedia and video, ADC was a very expensive card, and any kind of performance was a case of being nickled and dimed to death..
the Rich Dickhead geek with the Beemer down the road would alluz call about his new Hi-Perf 1 GHz chip MoBo or worse, his 64 MB video card.. make U feel sik..
Channel 9 (PBS) would usually have shows like this, the "Computer Chronicles" showing gear you'd never have a prayer of getting ahold of, without stock in M$ (remember, Apple was NOT a player at the timer).

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