Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ooooh i Hate Linux!

Ok that's not quite true... it's the Window Managers.. there's NO consistency in defaults... or applications... ya have to learn Each and Every one's different way of doing things...

Really, i think the one I'm REALLY looking forwarf to installing is QNX..
I have Solaris also, waiting for my PC to be re-assembled.
and would love to be able to install the new Haiku distro... but it appears that the athlon i just got is somehow rigged to only boot WinXP...
"designed for winXP'
Hmmm... jeez.. I remember the good old days that software was written for hardware....
Must be gettin' ole... i don't get the whole thing of hardware being built for software..
I do remember when MS put the 'fear of god' into the haardware manufacturers by releasing the requirements for 'Longhorn'
When I read it in PCmag i thought it was a joke... really... i thought they were puttin us on!

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